StableNet® Live Demo – Hidden Jewels

Webinar – October 25th, 2018 – 4.00 pm (GMT+2)

Join our colleague Matthias Schmid, Co-Founder and Solution Manager with Infosim®, for our virtual seminar to level up your knowledge on StableNet®. We will exclusively show a variety of advanced tips & tricks helping you to optimize your daily workflows. And for turning theory into praxis, this webinar will also contain a designated live demo.
Do you want to work with StableNet® like a pro? – Don’t miss this chance to be one step ahead!

Key Learning Objectives

  • Efficient use of Tag Trees & Tag Tables
  • Job Report Results – selecting the required information
  • Utilization of your Tag Categories in Alarm Dashboards & Reports

Your Presenter

Matthias Schmid

Matthias Schmid

Co-Founder Infosim® and Solution Manager

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