Global European Manufacturing Company Implements Infosim®
for Cross-Domain Monitoring

StableNet® Success Story

Executive Summary

The evolving IT infrastructure landscape necessitates comprehensive and integrated network management. As enterprises transition from physical to virtualized and software-based platforms, cross-domain teams have become essential for monitoring diverse IT infrastructures. Many large organizations are re-evaluating their network management tools, seeking solutions that integrate cross-domain monitoring. This case study focuses on a large European manufacturing company’s adoption of Infosim® StableNet® to meet these needs.
The company faced challenges in maintaining consistent operations for a mission-critical trading application due to fragmented visibility and control over its infrastructure. They required a unified monitoring solution for both network and server elements, providing insights into global operations. After evaluating several options, the company chose StableNet® for its ease of deployment, comprehensive monitoring capabilities, and user-friendly interface.
StableNet® now monitors approximately 22,000 elements, including 1,000 switches and routers across 170 locations. The system employs SNMP polling, traps, and WMI for data collection, and is used to track disk capacity, memory, and processor usage on servers. Key features include NetFlow views for monitoring network activity and congestion, as well as robust reporting tools for upper management.
The implementation of StableNet® has yielded numerous benefits: rapid global rollout, enhanced network stability, and reduced manual configuration errors. The company’s IT operations teams particularly value the configuration management and backup features, which have streamlined equipment deployment. Additionally, StableNet®‘s responsiveness to feature requests has further enhanced the product’s utility. Overall, StableNet® has provided a stable and effective solution, enabling the company to focus on managing its network and applications efficiently.

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    Tolly Report: Unlock the Full Potential of Your Network with StableNet®

    Tolly Report: Unlock the Full Potential of Your Network with StableNet®

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