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Transform your data into power for intelligent, long-term business management

Gain maximum insight into all your business processes by using a consolidated toolset combining automated network and service management with business intelligence.

Background & Motivation

What impact has the decision to move your services to AWS on customer satisfaction and retention? How high were the losses due to network outages in the last 12 months? What would the ROI likely be investing in Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) to automate the staging of new network devices and would it have a positive impact on manufacturing efficiency? Companies large and small find themselves in an increasingly competitive, datadriven global landscape. In order to stay one step ahead of your competitors and create a basis for sustained success and stable growth, a forward-looking and proactive business strategy is essential, considering current market trends, cross-silo resource utilization and your company‘s core competencies and weaknesses. The prerequisite for such a strategy and quite probably your company‘s most valuable asset is data.

In order to make correlations measurable and to be able to use the resulting information, a holistic approach is required that breaks down isolated silos. It is important to move away from a strict separation of manufacturing costs vs. revenue-generating expenditures. ROI and revenue must be tied to a plethora of internal costs, whether fixed or variable, customer-facing or process optimizations. This is where Business Intelligence (BI) comes into play, which enables you to enrich technical data with business-specific data from external and internal data sources to generate direct business value. Consider the following quotation:

Business Intelligence represents the evolution of support systems into a critical tool to monitor the health of the CSP (Communication Service Provider) business in real time and the ability to stake out a future based on sound modeling and prediction.

Becky Bracken (2024); Source

The StableNet® Solution

StableNet®’s automated network and service management solution has enjoyed success for delivering on one simple premise: there is immense value in the consolidation of siloed solutions. With a proven record as an industry leader in network management, the integration of other firm-specific, business-relevant data sources provides the foundation for comprehensive oversight and smart decision-making. No longer is StableNet® simply a consolidated solution to manage multi-technology and multi-vendor network infrastructures from a simply user interface; it offers access to business intelligence across data sources and business-relevant processes to provide users with a competitive advantage in smart strategy development and execution. StableNet® BI (SNBI) extracts data from various business-relevant systems and consolidates them in SNBI dashboards so that the relationships between interrelated processes can be understood, visualized and shared via easy-to-use dashboards and reports. It supports multi-tenancy so that the sharing of centralized information can be customized for different user groups and roles. SNBI goes beyond traditional analytics and uses intelligent correlation, dependency and trend analysis to uncover dependencies and patterns. It enriches network performance data with real-time business data to proactively identify risks and help identify internal investments that will have the greatest impact on revenue.

Fig. 1: Selected examples of separate silos that impede the global view on your organization‘s processes and how BI provides a strategic advantage by breaking up these silos and adding new value to this data

Benefits & Results

StableNet® Business Intelligence impacts analysis by combining network with business data for incomparable insight into all of your organization‘s business processes. By integrating external data sources and advanced analytics, global dependencies of different business areas can be uncovered and tracked. SNBI can help you to better understand your customers‘ needs, meet compliance guidelines and SLAs, avoid wrong decisions and save costs. Whereas StableNet® has built its name on consolidated network management, with StableNet® BI you have a consolidated toolset for intelligent business management.

Key Benefits

  • Enrichment and correlation of network performance data with business data
  • Use of advanced correlation, dependency and trend analysis to uncover hidden patterns and interdependencies
  • Seamless integration of external data sources and (non-technical) KPIs for strategic planning
  • User-friendly, automated and standardized dashboard and reporting functions
  • Support for multi-tenancy to differentiate between different user groups and views

Fig. 2: BI offers new opportunities for data-driven decision-making by correlating and analyzing data across silos from external and internal information sources

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