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With targeted and customizable dashboards, sharing insights and tracking your KPIs has never been easier – Now making sense of your network data is a SNAP.

Background & Motivation

Data is probably the most valuable asset and the basis for every decision in your company. Within and outside your organization, different user groups rely on different data at different levels of detail. While your company‘s Network Operation Center (NOC) needs detailed and comprehensive real-time information on network performance, inventory status and system health, the management level or even the end customer/user is more interested in a global insight into the most important KPIs. StableNet® has proven itself as a powerful network and service management solution with our customers and partners for many years. As an automated 4-in-1 platform, it offers comprehensive options and functions for managing the data that is generated in your network infrastructure on a daily basis. From clear data visualization, standardized, customizable reporting, intelligent alerting to various filters and dashboard functions, StableNet® offers everything you need to collect, analyze, display and share your network data. However, Infosim® is always looking for ways to extend StableNet® and make it even better, more flexible and more user-friendly. The StableNet® Analytics Portal (SNAP) is a powerful addition to your StableNet® instance that allows you to create customized dashboards and reports more easily and conveniently than ever before. This enables even non-technical users to get the most out of StableNet® and find their way around quickly and easily.
Fig. 1: The interactive and easy-to-use dashboards can be individually adapted to the needs of various user groups.

The StableNet® Solution

The StableNet® Analytics Portal opens up completely new possibilities for StableNet® users in terms of data visualization and sharing. The portal supports multi-tenancy, so that several user groups can access the dashboards simultaneously without being able to view the data of other users. This enables you, for example, to configure a virtual environment just for your end customers, containing a global overview of performance indicators for the services they receive from you. Different user groups can therefore access all the information they need for their tasks and decisions at any time without compromising the integrity (and security!) of the data.

SNAP dashboards can of course be configured so that they only contain the KPIs and key figures that are most important. The individually-defined thresholds prevent you from being flooded with unnecessary alerts. In addition, end users, i.e. your customers and management, benefit from easy and time-independent access to this information, as they can easily and conveniently call up the dashboards and reports via the web interface without needing to download and install bulky software. SNAP is characterized above all by its user-friendly design, which enables even non-technical users to find their way around without much training. All information can be found in just a few clicks and global views as well as various filter and chart options help to focus on the essentials.

SNAP creates transparency by aggregating the data and information from your network and presenting it in a clear and understandable format for each user group. Therefore, reports can also be individually adapted to specific targets group and, if necessary, password-protected for role-appropriate access. This ensures a constant flow of information not only within your organization but also externally to relevant stakeholders and groups and forms the basis for operational and strategic decisions.

Benefits & Results

The StableNet® Analytics Portal bridges the gap between complexity and clarity. It perfectly complements your existing StableNet® instance by allowing you to create user-specific dashboards and reports more easily than ever before and customize them to your needs. With its modern and streamlined design, users can get the information they need within a few clicks and with almost no training. The simplification of the portal helps different user groups to focus less on the operation of the tool and more on the insights and intelligence that matter.

Key Benefits

  • Creates internal and external transparency and forms the basis for sound decisions
  • Adapts to the needs of different user groups through user-specific dashboards and reports
  • Reduces unnecessary data overload and focuses on the key indicators that matter most to you
  • Supports multi-tenancy to differentiate between different user groups and views
  • Allows intuitive operation due to a user-friendly and easy-to-use interface

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