Manage services, not just servers!


StableNet® Enterprise for retailers is the next-generation software solution with primary focus on End-to-End IT Service Assurance. Eliminate “tool-hopping” and the high cost of managing multiple vendor solutions with StableNet® Enterprise for retailers. The suite has various features incorporated into one single integrated solution:

  • Infrastructure Management
  • Application Performance Management
  • Business Service Management
  • Configuration Management
  • Event & Fault Management
  • Reporting & SLAs

Retailers trust StableNet® to increase their service levels by reducing or preventing service disruptions. They can cut costs by automating network operations, and by enhancing quality of experience with proactive management of their services.

The 4th largest grocery retailer in the world with over 10.000 stores manages its network with StableNet® Enterprise.

Today’s retailers are faced with unevitable, economic, and logistic challenges to include rapidly decreasing gross margins caused by competition and even more complex, demanding just-in-time supply chain management operations. Higher merchandise volumes must be processed, and in addition, store operations are completely digitized to include electronic shelf labeling. But there is more to come – also keep in mind the dramatically increased reliance on real-time information on financials and merchandise for any advanced decision-making process. Plus, you must comply with regulatory requirements. It is obvious that your network is a crucial element in supporting retail business strategies. StableNet® Enterprise for retailers not only minimizes the risk of network downtime, but also enables retail IT organizations to deploy and operate networks that can:

  • Deliver secure store connectivity while still complying with payment card industry (PCI) standards, and minimizing fraud!
  • Improve efficiency and productivity of stores through the provision of real-time information on merchandise and financials!
  • Automate core business processes of in-store operations!
  • Empower retailers to modify organizational structures and roll out new applications in the existing IT environment on demand!

Business Process Monitoring

  • Ensure product and pricing accuracy.
  • StableNet® monitors the download of updated price and product information to your in-store devices such as scanner-check-out systems and electronic shelf labeling.
  • Ensure daily revenue of store upload.
  • StableNet® monitors the consolidation of multiple POS sales data on in-store IT hardware, as well as successful upload of such financial data to regional headquarters.
  • Ensure advertising localized replication.
  • StableNet® monitors the download of updated content for localized advertising from the intranet. In addition, it monitors the workflow and applications used for local creation of flyers/handouts.
  • Reassign stores to structures logistical organizational optimizing regional.
  • StableNet® can automatically reconfigure all in-store devices with just one click.

Customer Benefits

StableNet® has powerful automation capabilities and with its integrated single-solution concept, the suite helps retailers around the world to best realize needs, and exploit management and operational benefits ideally.

  • Facilitate the rollout or relocation of new stores and devices.
  • Automatic configuration of all store devices on first connect (Configuration Management).
  • StableNet® reduces downtime of store IT and network infrastructure by in-depth monitoring, a trend and a real-time Root Cause Analysis.
  • Maintain device them correct software unlatched and configurations non-compliant spotting by levels security high.
  • StableNet® verifies configurations and software versions to internal and external customer guidelines, e.g. PCI standards can correct misconfigurations automatically (Configuration Management).
  • Identify terminals and payment tampering.
  • StableNet® initiates automated alarms when payment terminals are unplugged. In fact, only authorized retail customer personnel may close such alarms. This is to ensure the highest possible attention to tampering and hacking attacks (Fault Management).
  • Ensure automated with components network it faulty to response rapidly.
  • StableNet® sends automated alarms to internal or external spare parts and repair services providers (Fault Management).
  • Enable real management change.
  • StableNet®’s automated device and network discovery function discovers all devices in the network; the inventory is updated continuously (Performance Management).
  • Maintain high security levels by identifying unusual traffic patterns.
  • StableNet® Netflow can be used for identifying unusual activity (Performance Management).
  • Detailed retail within faults systematic detection.
  • StableNet® detects systematic errors within your retail IT hardware (e.g. overheating of scanner checkouts), providing information on the quality of the hardware used. Thus, it is your best choice for future hardware partner (Performance Management).

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