StableNet® on a MacBook Air


KedronUK provides a solution for Barratt Homes integrating network monitoring and reporting with StableNet®.

StableNet® on a MacBook Air


As a growing business, Nocsult needed a scalable network management solution and decided to implement StableNet®.

StableNet® Web Portal on a MacBook Air


A provider of cloud-based health care software unifies operations by providing customizable dashboards and network transparency to all key stakeholders.

StableNet® Enterprise on a MacBook Pro

Manufacturing Company

The company is using StableNet® Enterprise for cross-domain monitoring of network and server elements across 117 locations worldwide.


StableNet® Telco Solutions

Unified NGOSS solution for telco services from networks, mobile services, MPLS, VPNs, systems, IT infrastructure, MSP services, and cloud services, up to the integration of your business process monitoring applications.

StableNet® Enterprise Solutions

Unified management solution for enterprise IT to discover/inventarize, monitor, track, ensure, and document your service quality, including LAN/WAN, VPNs, storage, database, VoIP, and E2E service quality.

Groundbreaking Analyzer Functionality

StableNet® Screenshot - Analyzer Window

Analyzer Window

StableNet® Screenshot - Group Analyzer

Group Analyzer

StableNet® Screenshot - Impact Analyzer

Impact Analyzer

StableNet® Screenshot - Inventory Statistics

Inventory Statistics

What Our Customers Are Saying

“The StableNet® topology maps engine works smoothly. This helps us in two things: to automatically rebuild actual topology and secondly, to allow visual state monitoring of each network element in real-time.”

IT Security Officer

The committee for legal statistics and special accounts, Republic of Kazakhstan

“There is an absolute improvement in MTTR, capacity planning, and inventory. MTTR is based on a ticketing system, and from my point of view, it is half the time now compared to the time before StableNet® got all the information from the network. One more important point was to consolidate all network teams and tooling that could handle the amount of data so IP SLA to every branch and Netflow will raise alarms, too, so we are much more prepared to actually “see” network or application issues and the trends before they become a problem. That is the most important goal for a worldwide WAN/LAN/3rd party MPLS network. The response times now from the network teams worldwide are much faster than before.”

Network Specialist

Major German Bank

“StableNet® covered most of our requirements out of the box. The strongest feature of StableNet® is the Auto-Discovery module, that enables task automation in network administration and development. We should also mention the huge system flexibility, especially regarding the possibility to process complicated and unusual math operations in KPI calculations.”

Head of Operational Support and Data Analysis

Polish Mobile Operator

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