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We welcome solution providers to represent StableNet® to enterprise, government, and telecom customers. Infosim® has been built based on developing long-lasting relationships with our valued solution providers.

Business Partner

Our Business Partner Program is designed to empower you with the appropriate tools and knowledge needed to retail Infosim® solutions successfully to enterprises and carriers. With our unique and industry leading StableNet® solution, we are able to value add to our business partners.

Technology Partner

Our Technology Partner Program provides opportunities for our technology and solution partners to create and grow value of their own companies as well as our mutual customers. This program also includes a comprehensive set of programs delivering sales, support, marketing, and service offerings to Infosim® partners.

Interested in reselling StableNet® as a Value-Added Reseller (VAR)? Planning to use StableNet® as an OEM solution or integrate your technical solution with StableNet®? Contact us about becoming an Infosim® Certified Partner (ICP) today!

Did you know...

that we work on research projects for the EU?

Did you know...

that we run entire state IT landscapes?

Did you know...

that we run complex city landscapes?

Did you know...

that you can replace all of the other network tools in the market with one tool and be more efficient and cost effective?

Did you know...

StableNet® is unified and was created with one single codebase?

Did you know...

the StableNet® Mobile App is available for for free on iPhone and Android?

Did you know...

our Excel reporting capabilities save thousands of man-hours every month?

Did you know...

StableNet® can not only backup your configurations but also restore them?

Did you know...

StableNet® can perform root cause analysis on network issues?

Did you know...

StableNet® can provide reports for end of life, end of support, and vulnerabilities?

Did you know...

StableNet® can scale to support tens of thousands of devices with minimal hardware resources?

Did you know...

StableNet® can monitor a lot more than just network gear?

What Our Partners Are Saying

“When we were looking for a fully automated service assurance system for our customers, we found out that Infosim® StableNet® perfectly meets their criteria. Our customers appreciate that the system offers performance management, fault management, and configuration management within the same data model. Our systems architects enjoy StableNet® for its speed of deployment, fairly low implementation effort as well as the excellent support from Infosim®. The partnership with Infosim® allows us to significantly expand our product portfolio.”

Antonín Pokorný


“Infosim® is KedronUK’s chosen partner for unified monitoring for enterprise and managed service provider customers. Time and time again, the StableNet® technology has proven itself to be flexible and scalable enough to meet the requirements of world largest and most complex networks. When we make a recommendation to our customers, we need to be confident of the technology, but also the support and development organization behind that technology, Infosim® gives us that confidence and has been a major part of KedronUK’s business growth over the last 5 years. With their developments into SDN and cloud, we see Infosim® as an extremely large part of our future, too.”

Roland Stigwood

Managing Director, KedronUK

“Zoracom is an IT Solutions Provider & System Integrator located in Lagos, Nigeria, with a wide regional presence and is proud to represent Infosim® as the StableNet® Master Reseller for the African continent. Clients that have seen how this solution works, are marveled with the architecture of StableNet® – especially with the integration of performance, fault, root cause analysis, configuration, and inventory management in one modular and highly scalable network management system. StableNet® has added value to our customers by reducing their “Zoo of Management Systems” and at the same time provides them with network visibility, change and configuration management capabilities and many more advantages compared to other solutions. The awesome support and partnership with Infosim® has really opened our eyes to the possibilities in the network management industry. We are looking forward to continue working with Infosim® in the future!”

John Nwachukwu

SPD/CEO, Zoracom

“Connect Tech West is a VAR in the Silicon Valley market of California, and we have represented Infosim® for over 5 years. We sell into a very competitive market with some very demanding customers. I have enjoyed working with Infosim® because they have both a fantastic technology that can scale to the largest of networks, and a talented team of engineers. The ability of StableNet® to be fine-tuned to deliver very customer-specific requirements allows me to bring Infosim® into some of my most demanding customers. I commend Infosim® for taking a lead role in the emerging SDN/NFV marketplace.”

Rick Luttrell

President, Connect Tech West, Inc.

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