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Project Duration: 01.07.2018 – 31.10.2021
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Project Goal

The aim of the SIMPL project is to improve security in large, dynamic and heterogeneous IoT systems.
To achieve this, novel security mechanisms for IoT have to be developed and integrated (for example in the areas key management, resilience to physical attacks, authentication, access control, attestation). Furthermore, the realization of these security functions is aimed to be an independent security layer such that compatibility with existing communication protocols in the IoT environment is ensured, while configuration of application-level security is allowed.

The goal of SIMPL is to realize a security solution for IoT systems that contains the following innovations:

  • As a security overlay, SIMPL allows to keep the existing event-based middleware without changes.
  • The high dynamics of IoT systems with changing communication partners are taken into account.
  • SIMPL supports especially mobile devices with limited resources, which are common in IoT applications.

Infosim® – Our Focus

Infosim® works on the sub-project PASST. This sub-project deals specifically with the topics: Platform, Architecture, System, Security and Technology. The possibility to manage devices, sensors, etc. centrally should be ensured. Main contributions will be the development and analysis of user requirements as well as the development of demonstrators to show the feasibility of the new system.

In the other sub-projects, modern and secure mechanisms will be developed in order to be suitable for IoT. Furthermore, these mechanisms are prepared for the scalability and performance requirements typical in cloud computing. Our partners in this project are the Hahn-Schickard institute, the company Mixed Mode and the university of Würzburg (computer science chair II – software engineering).
For further information you can visit the Project Website.

Our Partners:

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