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Modular system solution to help closing the loop in the plastics industry

The aim of the project is to enable plastics processors and recyclers with digital technology and innovative, tailor-made system solutions to increase the use of secondary plastics. The planned solution will thus help to close material cycles, whereas today the industry still regularly generates plastic waste which is not sufficiently reused as secondary material. The application to be developed will allow small and medium-sized enterprises to obtain relevant, previously unavailable information on materials, to exchange it along the value chain together with the materials, and to establish and intensify collaborations.
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Key scopes of Infosim® in the subproject iKINDL (Application for innovative plastic cycles through information, data, logistics) are

  • Developing a modular system solution to help closing the loop in the plastics industry
  • Developing an Application that allows

    • automated logging of material quantities and products (e.g. by level sensors, ERP-, or MES-systems)
    • algorithm-based matching of material property profiles as well as supply and demand
  • Integrating the results into existing processes and workflows
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