StableNet® Training

Participating in StableNet® training clearly demonstrates that you are a technical leader in Service Level Management, Performance Management, and Operational Support Systems (OSS) management. Also, training raises your visibility and increases your access to industry’s most rewarding projects.

How it works

  • Course Type: Lecture & Lab
  • Duration: 4 Days (+ 1 Day NCCM)
  • Cost: Price on application
  • Location: Germany, USA (various), Singapore, or on-site

Content of Training

The training program is designed to ensure that pre/post-sales, implementation, and support staff have all necessary knowledge in their respective area of responsibility. The Infosim® ICE course is a lecture- and lab-based course, designed to provide network engineers with the advanced skills and knowledge they need to manage performance in large to huge IP networks. Starting with basic network management knowledge and concepts, the course advances to the sophisticated and most recent technologies. It puts the student at the forefront of network management technology. The course is developed and updated in conjunction with the world-renowned University of Wuerzburg to guarantee the highest standards in education. The trainers are experienced network management experts. The quality of the course is a matter of pride for Infosim®! The course is structured around four days with seven units each day, meaning three units in the morning and four in the afternoon. Day 1 starts with providing a technical and conceptual background. Days 2 and 3 focus on performance and fault management with StableNet®. Day 4 concludes with network configuration and service management. Participants passing the exam are authorized to carry the respective title (ICA, ICE, or ICN – Infosim® Certified Administrator, Engineer, or NCC-Manager).

StableNet ICA Training

StableNet ICE Training

StableNet NCCM Training

Who should attend

Any Network Engineer, Network Manager, and Analyst who has to deal with the management of large or critical IP networks, such as ISP, datacenters, or enterprises. Pre-Sales and Post-Sales Engineers may also attend to learn about the benefits and the USP of advanced network management.


No previous knowledge in network management or performance management is required. Concepts of IP networking are essential. Knowledge of at least one operating system is required (Windows, Linux, Solaris, etc). Knowledge of Cisco network devices is of advantage, e.g. CCNA.

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