StableNet® Version 7.6.7

Technical Release Notes

These release notes provide the latest cumulative release information for Infosim® StableNet® Telco and Enterprise, Version 7.6.6. This document describes new features, changes to existing features, limitations, restrictions or caveats, upgrade instructions, and related information. These release notes supplement the StableNet® documentation included with the distribution.

Download StableNet® 7.6.7 Release Notes
Download StableNet® 7.6.6 Release Notes
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Download StableNet® 7.6 Release Notes

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StableNet® 7.6 New Features

This version provides a significant number of new features and enhancements, including:

  • CLI support for Brocade Session Directors.
  • Dashboard Manager.
  • Added basic support for devices without an IP address. They can be added during an XML Discovery if a CSV file used.
  • The StableNet® Server is now using Java 8.
  • Added a new Maintenance View to the Web GUI:
    – It shows a list of devices that have at least one measurement for which a maintenance is scheduled in the future. It also shows devices with a maintenance that ended within the last 24 hours (the time span is configurable to 12 hours, 24 hours and 48 hours).
    – It provides information on the next maintenance (start time and duration), when the last maintenance ended or when the current maintenance will end.
    – The view is updated automatically every 2 minutes.
    – It allows to enable and disable measurements and monitors.
  • Added a feature that allows to set the source IP address of syslogs in StableNet®.
  • Extended the functions of Trap Filters and Syslog Filters.
  • Added device support for Lantronix devices.

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