Release Archive: StableNet® Version 6.5

Infosim® announces Release of StableNet® 6.5

Wuerzburg/Austin/Singapore, August 8th, 2013 – Infosim®, the technology leader in automated Service Fulfillment and Service Assurance solutions, today announces the release of its award-winning software suite StableNet® version 6.5 for Telco and Enterprise customers.
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Technical Release Notes

These release notes provide the latest cumulative release information for Infosim® StableNet® Telco and Enterprise, version 6.5. This document describes new features, changes to existing features, limitations, restrictions or caveats, upgrade instructions, and related information. These release notes supplement the Infosim® StableNet® documentation included with the distribution.

Download StableNet® 6.5 Release Notes

StableNet® 6.5 New Features

This version provides a significant number of powerful new features, including:

  • Distributed syslog and SNMP trap management, allowing real-time processing of huge quantities of syslog or SNMP trap data.
  • Lifecycle management enhancements for device End-of-Sales, -Support, and –Life.
  • A new vulnerability analysis update service (currently for Cisco devices).
  • Application and platform measurements for many new systems (e.g. MS Exchange, MS Lync, SAP, Salesforce, Oracle).
  • Templates for new manufacturers (e.g. Ixia, ADVA Optical, and Fortinet) and systems (e.g. MS Windows 8, MS Windows Server 2012, and VMware) have been added and enhanced.
  • NCCM support for new manufacturers, including Ixia, RAD, and Extreme has been added.
  • The StableNet® GUI now supports Mac OSX and Windows 8.
  • The StableNet® Agent and Client Agent are now supported on additional low-cost hardware platforms, e.g. Raspberry Pi, Fritz Box, and D-Link, enabling the deployment of cost-effective End-to-End measurement platforms for true-view visibility.
  • Improved Netflow v9 support with greater awareness of application level information.
  • Enhanced End-to-End measurements through a new CitraTest integration.

Download the “StableNet® 6.5 – What’s New?” presentation slides to be informed about all the new features and enhancements.

StableNet 6.5 – What´s New Presentation Slides

Infosim® StableNet® 6.5 – What’s New? – Feature Presentation

00:33 Distributed Syslog and SNMP Trap Pre-processor
02:20 Discovery
03:00 Application Support
05:07 Device Support
05:57 Agent Platform Support
06:25 NCCM Lifecycle and Vulnerability
08:08 Service Provisioning
08:35 Third-party Support and Integration Points
10:10 Enhancements
13:30 Additional Notes

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