Benefits of StableNet® Telco

StableNet® Telco is a third-generation highly automated network management system. The key differentiation of StableNet® compared to other legacy-type Operational Support Systems (OSS) is that StableNet® is a unified OSS system with three integrated functionalities that focus on Configuration, Fault, and Performance Management, with automated Root Cause Analysis (RCA). StableNet® Telco can be deployed on a multi-tenanted or dedicated platform and can be operated in a highly dynamic flex-compute environment.

Key benefits of StableNet® Telco

  • Unified 3x functions (Configuration, Fault, and Performance Management) in a single product.
  • Reduction in OPEX and CAPEX via product consolidation, and retirement of existing legacy element management solutions.
  • Automated service delivery directly from your integrated service catalog.
  • Configuration and policy governance that maximizes service availability and reduces MTTR.
  • ROI first 12 months of operation via reduction in OPEX, CAPEX, and customer service credits realized via greater service availability.
  • SOA-based technology means it is highly integratable and incredibly flexible.

Some customers use StableNet® to build ‘DARK-NOC’ (Network Operations Center) environments that are fully automated from a service provisioning and operational monitoring perspective. StableNet® is a 21st century product, it is SOA-based technology with open interfaces to allow easy integration with existing ITSM/business process and workflow tools, so automated event and alarm trouble-ticketing can be very easily integrated with StableNet®.

Some key areas, which make the difference, are outlined below.

Rapid Deployment

Rapid deployment installation:

  • Centralized management installation.
  • Agents, or ‘Collectors’ installed in a centralized, remote, or hybrid solution to have the ability to monitor large numbers of devices and services.
  • Rapid support and rollout for Telco and MSP multi-client, multi-customer network, and hosting environments.
  • Rapid, system supported ad-hoc design.
  • Option to expand monitoring into IT systems, virtual systems, extend monitoring into Cloud-based solutions or Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) monitoring services.
  • Typically, a comparably short deployment and rollout is required (workshop, installation and first discovery, dedicated reports design, tests, system introduction and handover, etc.).


  • Automated infrastructure discovery, including the dependencies, device, routing, MPLS, and IP services characteristics.
  • Automated activation of monitoring best practices by device and IP service type recognition.
  • Automated Root Cause Analysis with complete flexibility to customize rules to pinpoint the exact cause of service loss and performance degredation.
  • Automated triggering features, so you can leverage StableNet® to intelligently open and close trouble-tickets.

Rapid Integration

  • Open Interface Integration (OII) for auto-provisioning of services from a business process workflow, automating trouble-ticket generation, and clearance for rapid service assurance, or simply feeding infrastructure performance and operating conditions to higher-level management dashboards and systems.
  • Easy to apply open XML template-based interfaces for rapid integration with any business monitoring scripts by just defining the input and output.
  • The external tool/script can be configured in any language. As soon as it is linked, StableNet® monitoring will operate with the external business process monitoring and results data.

Ease of Daily Operations

  • Rapid deployment and adaptation of daily changes within the network and hosting installations.
  • Automated Root Cause Analysis pinpointing to hotspots, problems and issues, highlighting the impacted areas, and creating already correlated trouble-tickets with the option to add a business value loss to a service, e.g. cost per min/hour/day.
  • System-aided support for online real-time troubleshooting.
  • Scheduled customized reporting with extensive KPI threshold management to ensure operational and customer-contractual SLAs and OLAs are proactively maintained to maximize service availability and to reduce the risk of service credit payments/provider credibility, etc.

Attractive Price- and Licensing-Model

  • Competitive pricing and implementation models can be offered by our StableNet® partners.
  • Additional functional extension modules can be licensed to tailor the solution to the dedicated requirements.
  • ROI within the first 12 months with potentially huge savings around OPEX and CAPEX being realized by our customers.

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