StableNet® Telco Automation

Provisioning of IT and networking services needs agility, simplicity, and efficiency for your business success. Speed to deliver services today requires a new way of thinking. Yesterday’s systems will NOT deliver or differentiate the services that customers are demanding.

A fully automated ‘zero-touch’ approach is required to attain a consistent, agile, and efficient service delivery and assurance solution.

Infosim® StableNet® unified management system has been developed to fully automate corporations’ service delivery and service assurance processes. It has a flexible UI that can be tuned, adapted, and integrated into a corporations’ existing IT systems, i.e. auto trouble-ticketing, self-heal, etc. The Telecommunication Management Forum, the leading global industry association, states:

To deliver growth, you need to automate your core business operations using commercial off-the-shelf systems, enabling you to focus on differentiation where it matters – innovative services, partnerships, and business models.

Remaining a profitable business in today’s competitive markets requires a new way of working that allows you not only to remain profitable, but to also differentiate your services to customers whereby a competitive advantage can be realized. StableNet® is the key to remaining profitable as it dramatically simplifies your network operational service assurance.

  • StableNet® automates complex and time-consuming tasks, such as component on-boarding, performance reporting/monitoring, configuration management, and Root Cause Analysis (RCA).
  • StableNet® achieves this level of automation via the policy-based discovery automation engine and auto RCA.
  • With StableNet®, there is no need to write codes around event and alarm types for your network to interpret when changes have occurred, since StableNet® is a ‘next-generation’ management suite. Therefore, this process is automated at the network discovery stage.

End-to-End Integration

With StableNet®, you can automatically provision a service End-to-End, enable the delivery of all the service reporting metrics, track the full OSS lifecycle of the service delivered from a single-touch tool. StableNet® provides a fully integrated unified management platform to manage the entire service lifecycle of your network.

Zero-Touch OSS

StableNet® has an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) where your network services are configured and tuned to your service requirements. Standard, enhanced, and premium service configuration can be fully automated through the NCCM functionality of StableNet® thus driving ‘zero-touch’ deployment methodology and configuration consistency in the monitoring of your networks, and the networks of your customers.

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