StableNet® App

Available for iOS devices

Our Unified Network & Services Management solution StableNet® got even more flexible. Besides our regular Java and our Web GUI, we offer a mobile App for iOS devices, which will make your life easier.

We wanted to go a step further bringing our Unified Network & Services Management approach straight to your fingertips. While developing the app, we considered several approaches, and a native app proved to be the best for providing the performance you can expect from one of our software solutions.

With the StableNet® App you have access to the StableNet® key features on your smartphone, tablet, and watch. The app was designed keeping principles of usability engineering in mind, so you can get a grasp of your network status just as easily as you check your email.

Included features

  • Alarm List including filter options
  • Comment & acknowledge
  • View Root causes & symptoms
  • Check device information
  • Access the geographical & logical location and neighborhood of a device
  • Check alarm states & severity levels
  • View weathermaps & analyzer charts

Are you currently using the StableNet® App for iOS?


Use case 1

Alarm handling with the StableNet® App

Use case 2

Accessing device information with the StableNet® App

Use case 3

Accessing status & performance information with the StableNet® App

System requirements

  • StableNet® version 7.6.2 (or higher) is required
  • REST modules Reporting & Visualisation (SNE07100), Inventory & Links (SNE07200) are required

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