Tech Talk Summit in Houston, TX

March 05th, 2020 | 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Eddie V´s Prime Seafood, 12848 Queensbury Lane
Houston TX, United States

A Tech Talk Summit is a great opportunity for leaders in the technology community to network in a social setting after work. Hear about the most innovative technologies while enjoying your cocktail, and meet your online business contacts face to face at the appetizer buffet.

Infosim® will be participating at the Houston TechTalk Summit on March 05th, 2020!

This will be an awesome opportunity to meet and learn more about how StableNet® can support your business as you manage the challenges of a growing network in a connected world. We are looking forward to sharing insights into our technology with you.

Contact us today to schedule a meeting in advance!

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Breko Fiberdays, Wiesbaden

March 05th-06th, 2020

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