Digital StableNet® Customer Workshop 2019

Get in touch with StableNet® and meet Infosim® customers from around the globe!

November 14th, 2019

Infosim® is excited to invite all customers to the annual StableNet® Customer Workshop 2019 on November 14th.

Following the feedback of many customers we offer the workshop digitally.

The intended audience is all Infosim® customers from around the globe, who are interested in learning more about what our company has achieved in 2019 as well as our future plans for the development of StableNet®.

The virtual seminar will take place at two slots:

EMEA/APAC: 1.00 pm (GMT+2)
AMERICAS: 5.00 pm (GMT+2)
Online (GoToWebinar)
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During this informative 1,5h-webinar seminar we will cover a host of topics, including:

A review of 2019: A recap of Infosim® accomplishments and milestones achieved during the year.
Roadmap discussions on the StableNet® and the Infosim® Labs plans for the Future of Unified Network & Services Management.
Technology Partnership updates.
Besides this, following our very good experiences from the last years, we will offer plenty of possibilities for the exchange and discussion with like-minded people.

We have an Open Mic Q&A session, where you have the opportunity to ask questions.

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We look forward to welcoming you to our webinar on November 14th, 2019!