Mobile Service Assurance

Aggregate data from key GSM, UMTS, or Wimax interfaces

Mobile Service Assurance

StableNet® Telco provides integrated Service Assurance for 3GPP elements (BSC, MSC, GGSN, etc.) and the mobile backhaul. It enables wireless carriers to aggregate data from key GSM, UMTS, or Wimax interfaces. This provides a single pane-of-glass and a true End-to-End view.

The management […] of mobile backhaul will assume even greater importance as 50+ Mbps mobile services begin to appear.

Telemanagement Forum, Perspectives 09/2011

How it works

  • 3GPP (e.g 32.111 Corba based Fault Management, 32.104 Performance Management)
  • MTOSI (Multi-Technology Operations System Interface)
  • TMF 814
  • TL 1
  • ITU-T M 3.400

GSM, UMTS, and related technologies such as GPRS, EDGE, W-CDMA, and HSPA, have significantly advanced the mobile operator’s capability to offer services such as mobile broadband and IMS-based services or TV. A key constraint of those mobile services is their requirement for high bandwidth RAN and QoS. This triggered a shift of the underlying network from TDM in GSM to all IP packet core in UMTS and HSPA which necessitates deep insight into IP subscriber, service, and network data. Ethernet services like E-LANs combine the quality requirements (e.g. MEF 22) and perform at a low cost per bit.

StableNet® Telco provides End-to-End Service Assurance (FM & PM). As a single integrated solution, it covers the mobile elements (such as the BTS) and the RAN (such as a MEF E-Line).

StableNet® Mobile Service Assurrance

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