Deep Fiber Access, FTTx

Accelerate your FTTx setup

Deep Fiber Access, FTTx

FTTx (Fiber To The Home/Curb/Building/Node) is rapidly becoming the standard solution for providing cost-effective broadband services beyond DSL speeds. G(E)PON is also a good fit for mobile backhaul bandwidth requirements driven by HSDPA+, LTE, or Wimax, as it is a much lower-cost technology than SONET or dedicated Ethernet.

StableNet® Telco is designed to help service providers accelerate their FTTx setups.

StableNet® Telco has native support for FTTx Deep Fiber with mixed Carrier Ethernet and MPLS cores. Whether you use FTTx for providing triple-play services to residential customers, or as a RAN for LTE, StableNet® Telco always provides a comprehensive and easy-to-use solution for End-to-End Service Assurance.

Voice (VoIP), video (IPTV) and high-speed internet services drive the demand for higher bandwidth and elaborate QoS/CoS installations. PON (Passive Optical Networking) solutions are being widely deployed to provide broadband services to residential users, enterprises, and as scalable solution for mobile backhaul.

StableNet® Telco helps CSPs (Communication Services Providers) secure and grow their revenue streams by meeting these needs.

Case Study - Nucleus Connect

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