IT Management

IT Management

StableNet® provides distributed End-to-End (E2E) Service Level Management (SLM) by monitoring and reporting on your systems, networks, applications, and services. The software collects, analyzes, and summarizes management data from any source. Reports can be tailored for any audience, giving you the flexibility to report on the data relevant to you and your users.

Connectivity Monitoring

Connectivity monitoring in IP networks is all about mining and analyzing data. This helps organizations resolve network performance issues, conduct security audits, or test the status and check link efficiency. An enterprise network must be able to respond to operational requirements in terms of user experience, support for new applications, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness. StableNet® is easy to use and deploy, start monitoring your network with StableNet® today!

Host Monitoring

Whether you co-locate your servers in a datacenter or keep them in your own server room, it is essential to know the status of the hosts. All applications and higher-level functions depend on correct resources provided by the underlying hardware and operating system. As data is a crucial aspect for most operations, organizations tend to be very protective of their systems for data storage and processing.

Router and Switch Monitoring

Active network components such as routers and switches are the key elements of today’s IT systems. Networking engineers must be able to monitor vital characteristics of network devices and correlate them with network and application performances. Any change to the configuration of switches and routers at any time can have devastating effects on the reliability of the network and the services provided.

StableNet® Enterprise on a MacBook Pro

Application Monitoring

Applications are the heart of any IT system. Managing complex multi-tiered software systems, such as collaboration tools or databases, without solid data is like driving a car blindfolded. With StableNet®, you can monitor your applications to detect and respond to problems before the end-user is even aware of one.

VoIP Monitoring

Enterprises around the globe are complementing or converting their circuit-switching telephones with or into VoIP technology. This presents new challenges for management of service quality and service availability. VoIP must be well planned and managed. Voice quality degradation in VoIP transmission is a result of packet loss, delays, jitter, and non-linear distortions.

Threshold Monitoring

Monitoring links, hosts, applications, and services is a routine task for IT engineers. However, the task is time-consuming, tedious, low-productive, and – as the network grows – it simply cannot be met by manpower anymore. StableNet® provides meaningful alarm information that effectively improves network availability, reliability, and maintains user productivity.

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