Business Process Management

Business Process Management

StableNet® Enterprise provides a high-performance solution that monitors business activity for processes and applications in distributed environments. This improves revenue generation by enabling business users to preempt problems with predictive KPIs, detect business situations, and manage them.

StableNet® Enterprise on iMacs

Business Process Modeling

StableNet® allows simple modeling of complex distributed business processes with a GUI.

Business Process Monitoring

Business process monitoring ensures immediate detection of a problem in important revenue generating processes. It documents the service level as well, and it is effective in the planning and decision-making process.

Customer Benefits

  • Reduce end-user outages by proactive managing performance and availability trends.
  • Measure the end-user experience using consistent, repeatable end-user transactions from multiple locations.
  • Use a product that supports a large number of protocols, technologies, and environments.
  • Accelerate time to resolution with detailed component breakdown.

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