StableNet® Enterprise Solutions

IT Management

StableNet® Enterprise delivers all your basic infrastructure management processes such as connectivity monitoring, host monitoring, network device monitoring, application, and service monitoring as well as threshold monitoring.

Business Process Management

Model and monitor your business processes from hardware components right across the layers through to application modules to enable proactive Performance Management and predictive Trend Analysis.

Capacity Planning

By using historical trend data allow your managers to accurately predict future capacity requirements across the infrastructure from link utilization to disk usage. Anticipate future financial and resource investment requirements.

Datacenter Automation

Enable centralized automation of datacenter tasks from planning and provisioning to monitoring and statistics gathering. Management can be executed at the business service level rather than multiple elements.


Infrastructure for retail organizations is of the highest importance. Use StableNet® Enterprise to deliver a cost-effective service to minimize service disruption while ensuring proactive management of services.

Voice over IP

Use StableNet® Enterprise for both passive and active VoIP monitoring across your estate. Track real-time and historical data from all aspects of your VoIP, IPT, and IPCC systems to ensure the best service with limited jitter, packet loss, and delay.

What is StableNet® Enterprise?

Infosim® offers a service, system, network, VoIP/IPT, and cloud management suite called StableNet® Enterprise featuring the following management functionalities:

  • Up-to-Date Management Information
  • Automated Reports
  • Service Monitoring
  • Operational Access, Security, and Reliability
  • Alarm and Fault Management
  • Capacity Management
  • Real-time Analysis, Root Cause, and Troubleshooting Support

What Our Customers Are Saying

“StableNet® Enterprise provides us with a comprehensive view of our network enabling us to track down issues, see operational trends, and generate reports. It’s been such a successful addition to our network management approach that without it we would be severely limited in our ability to manage the network efficiently. It has also been adopted by the server team and our datacentre services team have started using StableNet® to manage our customer networks, too.”

Gary Simpkins

Network Manager, SCC

“Every vendor says that its products can do everything. I really liked my Infosim® sales engineer. He answered all our questions, and didn’t promise things that couldn’t be done. The licensing was very transparent, and they made the price work. I discovered Infosim® at Cisco Live, and I was really impressed overall with how well they were able to hit everything we wanted to do on this project, from monitoring to capacity planning and transparency of the network.”

Brian Lubelczyk

Senior Manager Data Networking, athenahealth

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