StableNet® Snapshot Series

Check Out the New Monthly Video Series starting on November 19th

We are excited to announce the roll-out of the monthly “StableNet® Snapshot” YouTube series. An opportunity to look at new features and improvements, these approximately 15-minute long videos will give you the opportunity to check out the most recent updates to the StableNet® platform.

So get involved, get informed, and get a glimpse of how the market-leading automated network and services management platform maintains its edge through constant innovation.

The videos will be uploaded on our YouTube channel:
Here are the dates and times of the upcoming StableNet® Snapshot Videos:
StableNet® Snapshot

StableNet® Snapshots

November 19, 2020

WeatherMap Extensions

Dr. David Hock, Director of Research

December 17, 2020

Multiple Monitor Ranges

Fabian Feitsch, Senior Developer

January 14, 2021

StableNet® Web Portal

Fabian Feitsch, Senior Developer