Infosim® White Paper: Infrastructure Management Systems for IoT

IoT Management: Top networking challenges respective to IoT initiatives

Most enterprise network infrastructure teams already provide connectivity to at least one Internet of Things (IoT) initiative, and many of them play a leading role in planning, implementing, and managing IoT projects. To succeed with these projects, networking teams will need management tools that give them visibility and control over IoT devices and applications.

Some may be tempted to buy additional management tools to address IoT, but this approach may lead to more complexity. This White Paper provides an insight into the process of deciding what an IT Infrastructure Management Solution should provide to keep up with IoT’s challenges.

IoT is a new acronym, but not a new idea. IoT encompasses countless technology initiatives that were already maturing long before marketing executives conceived of IoT terminology.

Infosim® StabletNet®, a unified network and services management platform, has been addressing IoT management for years. Built as a scalable platform, Infosim® StableNet® consolidates many discrete network management functions. It discovers, maps, monitors, and manages large-scale networks, with reporting, alerts, and visualization of overall IT infrastructure.

IoT Management: Infosim® StableNet® Architecture

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