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Infosim® Global Webinar Day
June 30th, 2016
in cooperation with TWI & EnterpriseWeb & TM Forum Infosim® Global Webinar Day in cooperation with TWI & EnterpriseWeb & TM Forum
Smart Industrial Manufacturing:
Robots As A Service

Dr. David Hock, Senior Consultant R&D
Dr. David Hock
Senior Consultant R&D
Dr. Darren Williams, Welding Systems Lead, TWI
Dr. Darren Williams
Welding Systems Lead
Joann O’Brien, VP, APIs & Ecosystems, TM Forum
Joann O’Brien
VP, APIs & Ecosystems
TM Forum
Dave Duggal, Founder / Managing Director, Enterprise Web
Dave Duggal
Founder / Managing Director
William Malyk, Co-Founder / Chief Systems Architect, Enterprise Web
William Malyk
Co-Founder / Chief Systems Architect

Join the winning team of the Best New Catalyst Award at TMForum Live! 2016
for a visionary Webinar on the future of Smart Industrial Manufacturing.

This Webinar will provide insight into:
  • Why Industry 4.0 / Smart Manufacturing will enable Mass Customization and revolutionize the market
  • How the manufacturing companies embarking on a digital transformation strategy can leverage assets such as Open APIs
  • How the use of dynamic APIs enables Industrial-ecosystems without any code or manual integration
  • How the Unified Network and Services Management approach automates enterprise workflows and increases work efficiency

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