How much would you pay for free software?

In the past few years, open-source software (OSS) has experienced a real boom. Driven from its free availability and the spirit of dedicated communities, OSS managed to spread like a wildfire and made its way into various sectors: healthcare, science engineering, and the food industry, just to name a few. It is no wonder as the benefits are tempting: free software bundled with free support from its community.


IoT Challenges and Opportunities in the NMS Space

Experts have called the Internet of Things (IoT) both the greatest opportunity as well as the most daunting challenge to come along in IT since the commercialization of the Internet in the early 1990’s. In the IoT, sensors and actuators embedded in physical objects—from roadways to pacemakers—are linked through wired and wireless networks, often using the same Internet Protocol (IP) that connects the Internet.


StableNet® & SaaS: A solution for every MSP

We are going to examine how StableNet® SaaS for smaller MSP’s or StableNet® for larger MSP’s can deliver the long term advantage that a Service Provider needs to survive. For smaller and mid-sized MSP’s a new tool should be able to offer higher value services to both new and existing customers. By moving from a commodity based – low value provider to a high value solution provider, MSP’s benefit in many ways.


Spring cleaning your network

Being an IT professional, I also like to “shake the house” every spring. But in this case, I substitute my network for my house and do a little shaking to see what may be broken (or is ready to break) and try to fix it before the house falls down!
Of course, reviewing your IT estate for problems should really be a 365-day-a-year-task, but it never hurts to set aside some time specifically for a major review. For me, I like to do that in the spring, which means I need to plan for it now.


Managing Phantom Devices Like A Boss

Managing Phantom Devices - Global Webinar Day, November 2016

Initial IP range discoveries are an often jaw-dropping experience: Devices emerge from the dust of the IT cloud that should not be there in the first place or are completely unknown. Surprise, you have just discovered a phantom device – a device that should be monitored, but is currently not under management of your NMS.


Make IoT more secure & prevent IoT Bot attacks

Make IoT more secure & prevent IoT bot attacks

For any IT team dealing with an influx of many new IoT devices the need to configurate, harden, and manage those devices arise. Vulnerable IoT devices are being compromised and turned into botnets by malware like Mirai. Find out how a network & services management solution helps you to prevent infections and detect security holes.