A successful team beats with one heart

We at Infosim® believe that sponsorship should reflect the values and identity of our team and company. So when it comes to choosing interesting projects, teams, and organizations, we take a close look at their ambitions and passions to make sure we share them.

DJK Rimpar Wölfe - Logo

DJK Rimpar Wölfe (DJK Rimpar Wolves) represent for us strong team spirit, striving for success, and a social commitment. Further, we strongly appreciate the local ties. These values led us to being one of the main sponsors of DJK Rimpar Wölfe for the season 2018/19. We wish the team great success, and we are proud that we are a small part of it beside the team, coaches and fans.

The sports community Deutsche Jugendkraft Rimpar e. V. – short DJK Rimpar – is a sports club from Rimpar near Würzburg. The association has over 1,400 members, and its first handball team is known by the name DJK Rimpar Wölfe in the 2nd Handball national league.

Team Photo DJK Rimpar Wölfe

DJK Rimpar Wölfe – Sponsored by Infosim®

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