Infosim® is awarded as Value Leader for Enterprise Network Availability Monitoring

The practice of network availability monitoring can range from simple standalone up/down monitoring of individual devices to complex, highly customized and automated approaches that fully integrate into broader management systems architectures. ENTERPRISE MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATES® (EMA™) analysts define the term “Enterprise Network Availability Monitoring System” (ENAMS) to include network-centric monitoring solutions that are used by enterprise network operations and engineering teams to discover, monitor, assess, troubleshoot and manage medium to large enterprise network infrastructures.

For this EMA™ Radar report, specific focus has been placed on two areas: the core capabilities and features that adress network operators’ needs to ensure health and availability of the network; and the overall practitioner experience in procuring, deploying, administering and using specific ENAMS products.

In the development of this EMA™ Radar, EMA™ engaged 16 providers of ENAMS solutions in a detailed analysis of the scope and capabilities of their offerings. Across that group, we reviewed 17 ENAMS products. The solution providers represent a mix of vendors, ranging from small, privately held, pure-play vendors to very large public systems and software technology corporations.

Source: EMA™ Radar for Enterprise Network Availability Monitoring Systems – Q3 2014

Value Leader: Infosim®

Infosim®, a company that operates globally, is based in Germany with regional headquarters in Singapore and Austin, Texas. Infosim® produces StableNet®, a multi-function ENAMS product based aroundadvanced network availability management. The core technology of StableNet® has been architected to support both large enterprise and service provider environments. (Infosim® offers a Telco edition separately.) This allowed StableNet® to earn very high scores on EMA™’s architectural measures while also achieving the highest score in our study in terms of total breadth of features.

With an above-average rating for resource efficiency as well, this solution finished as the most definitive Value Leader. EMA™ reviewed StableNet® Enterprise version 6.7 for this study.

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