Infosim® Glossary 1.0 – 3rd Generation Unified Network Management

Mar 11, 2016 | Network Management

The advertising industry often promotes products with a certain number of adjectives describing their special properties. Shirts are wrinkle-free or non-iron, watches are water-resistant, smartphones are shock-proof. We buy high-speed internet and organic food, and we try to prefer recyclable materials. However, everyone who goes shopping knows that many of those adjectives describing product properties are not or not fully standardized and can have quite a different “flavor” or “meaning” for different brands or product types.

Truly Unified with 3rd Generation flavor!

This is the same for the area of network management. Many companies out there are selling next-generation network management solutions. Infosim® is not the only vendor calling our product Unified. I believe, what Next Generation and Unified actually mean, highly differs from product to product.

In this post, I will explain our understanding of a third-generation unified network management solution and why our claim may be very pertinent to you.

Next Generation: A third-generation network translates into intelligent devices capable of improving network performance and reliability at blazing speeds, without human interaction.

As we migrate from 10 Gigabit to 100 Gigabit Ethernet and beyond, the speeds make it necessary for automatic intervention to identify potential problems before a human can notice the interruption. Third-generation network management systems such as StableNet® by Infosim® need to be used. These third-generation systems activate and manage new SDN and NFV designed networks.

A true third-generation management system needs to take data from many points and automatically correlates it when a threshold or metric is reached, and then instantaneously takes action based on rules. StableNet® uses thresholds and can be scripted to apply rules, access lists, or perform actions without further human intervention. StableNet® almost thinks for itself. For example, when bandwidth on a link exceeds a threshold for a set period of time, StableNet® can be set to configure a device to add a new link and bond it into a load balance group to increase the combined throughput. With the StableNet® Mobile App (for iOS and Android), a network engineer is able to monitor this and execute actions from anywhere, including the golf course or the daily commute. This technology will not replace the network engineer, but help automate actions and let the network engineer eventually become a better golfer.

Unified: StableNet® was developed from ground up on a single code base by Infosim®. StableNet® features one consistent architecture, one usability concept, and one data model combined in a single platform, and therefore provides a high level of synergy through its “inside the box” integration. Unlike many other management platforms, StableNet® is not a group of products bolted together to form a solution.

Looking for some examples how unified network management can look like in practice? Just have a look at my colleague’s earlier blog post Why the unified approach is essential for your network heartbeat.

In my recent Webinar I describe the completely unique to our industry unified system. You can see the recording of the Webinar here.

When buying a watch, a shirt, food, or even network management software, first remember that adjectives like water-resistant, wrinkle-free, organic, or unified are just words. If you really want to rely on a certain property of a product, you have to look behind the scenes and see what these words really mean for a given product.

This is especially true for Network Management Systems (NMS). Not each solution claiming to be third-generation or unified really is – a comparison of different products will show you. We at Infosim® are not afraid of you comparing different products to find out what real third-generation and unified network management is all about, because we know and are proud of the solution that we are offering with our product StableNet®. Let us know if you are interested in giving StableNet® a (free of cost) try.

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