“Connect. Collaborate. Create.” – Infosim® participated in the TM Forum Action Week in Lisbon, Portugal

Feb 10, 2016 | Events

Not for nothing, the TM Forum is considering itself as “the global industry association for digital business, connecting talented individuals, leading companies, and diverse ecosystems”. Over the last 27 years, they have brought together more than 900 organizations including all market-leading service providers as well as hardware and software vendors in the telco network sector. Since the beginning, the TM Forum members have joined their efforts to create and discuss common APIs, frameworks, and industry standards – always with a strong emphasis on making sure that these standards have a high practical relevance and can be applied in real environments.

One of the key parts of the continuous TM Forum activities across the year are the TM Forum Action Weeks. These events are taking place twice a year, once in Europe in the first quarter of the year and once in Northern America in the third quarter. As an addition to regular calls and remote meetings, the Action Week is an ideal occasion to move forward with the activities in the TM Forum collaboration projects, to network with industry partners, to share views and opinions, to learn something new about other ongoing activities in the TM Forum, etc.

TM Forum Action Week 2016, Lisbon, Portugal

Furthermore, each Action Week is considered as the dedicated place for the preparation of the catalyst projects for the upcoming TM Forum Live! exhibition. On its website, TM Forum describes catalysts as “traditionally rapid fire proof-of-concept projects bringing together companies large and small to create innovate solutions to common challenges demonstrating how this can be achieved leveraging key TM Forum best practices and standards ensuring scalability, reuse and reduced costs and risk.”

For Infosim® as the leading vendor for Unified Network Management solutions, the catalysts represent an additional possibility to join forces with other hardware and software vendors as well as network & service providers and “verticals” to implement industry-driven short-term POCs in near real-life environments.

Infosim® has been a member of TM Forum for several years now and last year also joined the ETSI ISG NFV. Furthermore, we follow the development of different open source activities, such as the OpenDaylight project, ONOS, or OPNFV, just to name a few. Besides this, Infosim® is part of several national and international research projects in the area of SDN and NFV where we are working together with other subject matter experts and researchers from academia and industry. Topics cover among others operation and management of SDN and NFV environments as well as security aspects. Now, we decided to further increase our engagement in this area. To that end, we visited the TM Forum Action Week to extend our activities in TM Forum in general and in particular to participate in one of the upcoming catalysts for TM Forum Live! in Nice.

This year´s Action Week was attended by a wide variety of network experts from more than 25 countries, different types of organizations (vendors, providers, academia, system integrators, verticals), and different staff level (CxOs, Consultants, Technicians, Managers, etc.). Detailed statistics with nice visuals can also be found on the TM Forum Action Week Website.


What was the main outcome for Infosim® from this year’s Action Week?

Visiting the action week helped us to further grow our network of subject matter experts from different areas: software and hardware vendors, operators, system integrators, verticals. Infosim® contributed to many future shaping discussions – not only covering rather traditional telecommunication topics, but also involving innovative projects such as the ZOOM SDN/NFV area as well as the „5 smarts“: Smart Health, Smart Climate, Smart City, Smart Finance, and Smart Mobility. We are on our way to participate in one or more of the catalysts planned for the TM Forum Live! in Nice, May this year and will be happy to meet you there to show you our progress together with our partners.

Dr. David Hock

Dr. David Hock

Senior Consultant at Infosim®