Why the unified approach is essential for your network heartbeat

Feb 3, 2016 | Network Management

Most businesses large and small essentially use the same core technology, be it computers, wireless Internet devices, switches, routers, etc.

In the 21st century, it is almost impossible for a business to survive without network connectivity. One could even make the analogy that the network is the circulatory system for a modern business. Where a healthy circulatory system provides steady blood flow to vital parts, the network enables a quick flow of vital information. Being that the network is so important for the vast majority of companies, doesn’t it make sense to keep a close eye on the performance and availability?

  • 75% of IT organizations suffer from degraded business applications
  • 70% of the time, IT organizations learn of performance problems directly from end users rather than from their monitoring system
  • 70 – 80% of end user problems are not reported to the help desk or network engineering
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There are many highly specialized tools on the market for monitoring anything you can imagine. Need to monitor network or application performance? There is a tool for that. Need to track your inventory from raw materials to finished product? There is a tool for that. Need to monitor the performance of robotic arms used in manufacturing? Guess what: there is a tool for that, too!

Having so many distributed tools requires people knowledgeable in each tool and also means that statistics and log or error messages are stored in disparate places. The best information is the right information when you want it. Having all of your information aggregated in one place speeds up research, allows for correlation of the events, and matching cause with effect.

Many tools in the market are made for tracking a handful of devices or measurements, and often the better tools are customized for very large deployments. While there are some good tools in the market for smaller numbers of devices, most struggle with scaling as your business and needs grow.

Show some love to your network's heartbeat with StableNet®

Is there truly a “one size fits all” solution? Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a modular tool in the market that allowed companies from small to large to achieve great ROI by reducing tool count, maintenance spend, and expand insight into their business? We here at Infosim® believe so and that’s why we came up with the unified approach of our Network Management System StableNet®.

Want a few examples?

  • Using StableNet®, one of the largest German banks has been able to replace 10 different tools over the period of 3+ years. They now use a single solution for all of their needs that has resulted in a total return on investment of several million Euros.
  • Using StableNet®, a large, pan-European retailer is able to manage over 70.000 cash registers in more than 10.000 stores. We have enabled them to track the flow of materials from supply to customer, to manage specialized devices such as POS systems, as well as to fully automate new store rollouts.
  • Using StableNet®, a Bavarian car manufacturer is monitoring and tracking configuration of 25.000+ devices in their global network. They have significantly reduced the number of tools necessary and have almost achieved the vision of a dark NOC.


We came up with the unified approach to create one piece of software based on one consistent data model and one code base, that was able to handle Fault, Performance, and Configuration Management. By implementing StableNet® as their prime network management system, our customers are able to vastly reduce the amount of systems used to control their infrastructure, while automating as many of their legacy processes as possible.

If you are interested to give this approach a spin, don’t hesitate to request your free of charge 30 day trial license right now.

Jason Farrer

Jason Farrer

Sales Engineer at Infosim Inc.