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Jan 27, 2016 | Mobile app

“If you look at all the things that happened in the world five years ago, the App Store is among the most influential things for humanity that happened in that time period.”

Phil Libin

Founder and CEO of Evernote, Interview with The Verge

In less than a decade, apps expanded our notions of what smartphones can do, opened new industries and made our lives much easier.

Given the culture of innovation here at Infosim®, we wanted to go a step further bringing Network Management to your fingertips while you are on the go.

As a Software Engineer I considered several approaches, and developing a native app proved to be the best for providing the performance you would expect from one of our products.

StableNet® mobile app on an iPhone

“Whether you are a manager or a techie, the StableNet® iOS App will give you an overview of what is happening on your network and allows you to stay in control of it.“

Marius Heuler

CTO, Infosim®

The app is focused on Performance and Fault Management, pushing the latest open alarms on your network’s infrastructure to your mobile device, and allowing you to monitor different services with the help of Weather Maps and Analyzer Charts.
Gone are the days when you got a call and had to go back to the office at 3 a.m. to troubleshoot a network problem. With the StableNet® Root Cause Analysis on your mobile device you can now quickly drill into the problem and identify the cause wherever you are.
The challenge for mobile network management software is delivering useful information and functionality in a small form factor. Network management software GUIs tend to have many windows with lots of information.
Hence, we came up with the idea of using QR Codes so you are able to customize the information displayed by the app, and have the possibility to add charts that fit your needs. This saves a lot of data on your precious data plan, and keeps battery use at a minimum.

It has been a challenging process, but I am sure you will enjoy using the app as much as we do. I feel confident to say that once you start using the app you will find it really handy in those situations when you don’t want to fire up your laptop.


We developed the StableNet mobile app to extend the range of our StableNet GUI and to provide a vivid example of the capabilities our REST API delivers. The app is available free of charge – however in order for the technology to work you will need to extend your StableNet license towards said REST API.
If you are interested to try out the app, request the necessary license free of charge for a 30 day trial.

Eduardo Gonzalez Pozega

Eduardo Gonzalez Pozega

Developer and IT-Consultant at Infosim®